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Wedding Testimonials from Brides and Grooms

Naomi, the ceremony was BEYOND. It was everything I’d hoped for, and more than I could have imagined. It absolutely felt like a ritual, rite of passage, and sacred ceremony... exactly what I wanted it to be AND somehow more than I thought it could be. It was the most special moment of my life. You created a magical experience. And I know many of the guests felt it, too. I think every single person I spoke to told me it was the most beautiful wedding they have ever been to! I’m sure you hear that a lot. I am so grateful the Universe brought us together. You are a powerful channel for the Divine, without a doubt doing the work you were created to do in this life. I’m sure you get this from all of “your couples,” but I feel incredibly connected to you.
— Michelle, Hollins House at Pasatiempo

Naomi!! Thank you so much for being you, and for blessing Alisha and I. What you did for us and our families will forever live on. It was beyond what we imagined it could be. What an amazing rite of passage and ceremony. Thank you again for this and for reaching out to wish us a happy anniversary. Again we couldn’t be happier with the ceremony, it is both of our highlights to our wedding and to life. We truly appreciate you and feel so blessed to have our paths connected. Thank you for pouring your energy into ceremony. It is a blessing to the world. We hope you are doing well, and we are sending you love always! And last but not least, in every wedding we go to the ceremony is really missing you!!
— Nathan & Alisha, Sequoia Retreat Center

Every couple wants their wedding ceremony to be special, even if they don’t know exactly what that looks like, or how to make it happen. That’s where we were at when we found Naomi. Naomi delivered a ceremony that was beyond anything we ever could have imagined. Without exaggeration, every attendee (including the vendors and support staff!!!) described our ceremony as one of the most touching, meaningful, intelligent, and overall loving ceremonies they had ever witnessed. And Naomi was at the center of it all. She truly took the time to get to know us, and it was her thorough understanding of us that gave our ceremony the depth, breadth and impact that it did. We didn’t dictate or control every aspect of the ceremony creation process. We trusted Naomi, and that trust was rewarded with a magnificently joyous ceremony. Naomi brought elements of spirituality and practicality into it. She helped us write and refine our vows, honored our ancestors and key events in our pasts, and included several of our most beloved guests, who, with our consent and her guidance, surprised us with their beautiful contributions to the ceremony. She did all of this with flexibility, rather than force-feeding any unwanted doctrine or cliché elements. Where many officiants deliver words, Naomi delivered poetry. To say that there wasn’t a dry eye in the house is far too limiting – her efforts prompted a wide range of deep emotional reactions from our guests and ourselves, from tears to laughter, and everything in between. She caused us all to think, reflect, appreciate and, through it all, celebrate the joining of our lives; and she made the moment nothing short of magical. If you are fortunate enough to have Naomi as your wedding officiant, you will have an experience that neither you, nor your guests, will ever forget. We were truly blessed to find Naomi. We love her and cannot begin to describe our gratitude for what she created for us: a wedding ceremony like no other, that, without us even knowing it, was exactly what we needed.
— Maurice, Seymour Marine Discovery Center

Wow, I am reliving the ceremony in my head right now and I hope to never forget it. What Naomi did was truly amazing and words can barely describe the feelings that I had up there. The ceremony was an incredible, momentous occasion that she led and culminated to another level by connecting so much wisdom. Thank you so much! I told my Mom after that it was the most beautiful moment of my life. We feel blessed and as we move forward with our next chapter, we feel so honored and lucky to have Naomi help us along the way. Like seriously, Naomi culminated so much ancient wisdom and modern wisdom it made me feel as if our paths were meant to be connected. She combined my Jewish faith and my wife’s African heritage in a way so romantic and beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. It was a humanistic awe inspiring moment for all in attendance. Naomi truly is a spiritual leader and someone who I will forever be grateful for. Thank you Naomi for bringing so much love and passion and truth into the world and for making our ceremony perfect! Wishing you nothing but the best!
— Nathan, Sequoia Retreat Center

Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful ceremony for us, for keeping us focused for all these months on engaging in this process, not only with love and humor, but also with intention. It was art in action, and it was beyond meaningful. We are so thankful for you!
— Erica, Seymour Marine Discovery Center

I wanted to say that our ceremony was incredible; so beautiful, meaningful, and so US! You got us, captured us, and somehow summarized us, while simultaneously honoring our ancestors, setting the space, and willing a bright future into our lives. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We are so grateful for you, and we can’t say with words how much your ceremony meant to us.
— Lauren, Seymour Marine Discovery Center

Our ceremony was amazing! Better than either of us could have imagined…we were so nervous and worked up before and I think we can both say we had fun up there, all thanks to you. Family, friends, and coworkers all went out of their way – and were very specific about how awesome our ceremony was, and how awesome you are. I’ve already recommended you to others and will continue to do so!
— Leah, Roaring Camp Railroads

Naomi was everything you could ever want from an officiant, she was committed, involved, caring, charismatic and attentive to every aspect of our ceremony. She blew us away with the depth and love she incorporated into the ceremony, she really and truly cares for every one involved and makes an effort to create the perfect day.
— Tyler, Groom, Waterfall Lodge

Naomi created a custom ceremony for our wedding. By far, our favorite part of our wedding was the beautiful ceremony Naomi created just for us. She’s lovely to work with and took the time to really get to know us, understand our relationship, and what we wanted for our ceremony. She completely captured all the things we wanted to acknowledge and truly made our day special. Our wedding would not have been the same without the magic of Naomi’s ceremony!
— Adam and Amanda, Sand Rock Farm

Working with Naomi was an absolute dream! From the moment my husband and I first spoke with her, we felt that she understood us as a couple and would be a perfect fit to craft our ceremony. She guided us through the entire process, capturing our unique relationship and honoring all of our wishes and desires. She ultimately created a stunning ceremony for us that highlighted our family and loved ones and included rituals that were meaningful to us. So many wedding guests told us that it was the best ceremony they had ever attended (and we agree)!
— Marina, Bargetto Winery

Naomi is absolutely extraordinary! She turned all of our hopes and dreams into something unforgettable. We gave homage to our family members and celebrated our ancestors and the great life they have given us. She eloquently intertwined my husband’s Jewish heritage with my African roots and reminded us of the importance of togetherness. Ourselves and our families are still reminiscing about the wonderful job she did and always will. She poured her heart and soul into the ceremony and we are forever grateful!
— Alisha, Sequoia Retreat Center

We just submitted a review on The Knot. Hopefully it does you justice, because we are still floored by how wonderful you were for our celebration!

Working with Naomi was such a joy! She collaborated with us to make the celebration perfectly fitted to who we are, and her authenticity and creativity made the ceremony perfect. She’s grounded, delightful, and fun - we are so grateful she was a part of our day!
— Hannah and Chris

All I can say is, I can’t imagine anyone else officiating our day. The ceremony was the most valuable part of the wedding to us. Naomi understood that, and knew more than I did about how to manifest my perfect wedding. From a brides perspective, we have no idea of all the different variables of how it can go down. There’s your dream, but then there’s making your dream happen effortlessly and perfectly. She gave us so many pointers on things I would have never thought of. She met with my husband & myself for 2 hours to grasp our history and why were making this choice and she weaved it into something so personal and awe inspiring. It still makes me want to cry, it was so perfect. I got compliments from our most high profile guests who said that was their dream ceremony. I can’t express enough how grateful I am for her efforts, love and what she put out into the universe on our behalf. Anyone can marry you, but the ceremony is the gift to you and your partner. The rest of the wedding is for everyone else. I took money out of the reception to pay for her and I am so thankful I did. On a side note I asked for healing in my family so we can have the best life possible and she delicately wove that in and I know it worked. While she’s not the most budget friendly, if I had to do it all over again I would choose just her. Lol. If you come across this lovely woman, it’s for a reason. Blessings to your future!
— Angelina, Roaring Camp Railroads

We couldn’t have asked for a more honest and down to earth ceremony! Naomi wrote something that was so beautiful and unique to our story. She also had many of our guests asking about how we managed to find someone like her to pull it off so perfectly. Several friends and both of my sisters mentioned that they wanted her for their own weddings too. Totally killed it Naomi! You were a major part of our best day ever! Thank you!
— Andrew, Sand Rock Farm

Working with Naomi was one of the highlights of our wedding planning process. Truly a special person! She has such a grounded presence and was easy to communicate with. She put in so much work to make sure she knew our story enough to present it, and spent a lot of time talking with us to gain an understanding of our views on life, love, and our relationship. The memory of our ceremony is striking to me in just how perfectly it laid a foundation for the wedding, and ultimately the start of our marriage. She captured the feeling I had hoped for, and we left the ceremony feeling grounded, powerful, and exalted as a couple. In these few days after, I have had family members and friends reach out to me to express that they felt included and acknowledged. Those who have contacted me are a mix of old and new friends, family who I see regularly and family I haven’t seen for years, all from different cities and countries. I think that speaks to the magnitude of the ceremony and how it really did resonate with everyone present. In so many ways, Naomi just got it. We could not have asked for our story and message to be conveyed any better. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Laura, Sand Rock Farm

Naomi encouraged us to really think through the various Jewish traditions we wanted to incorporate; she provided thorough explanation during the ceremony about why certain aspects were included and any variations that we chose, to ensure that our non-Jewish guests could appreciate and understand what was important to us... Without Naomi, we may have had any other run-of-the-mill wedding ceremony. Instead, and because of her, we have the most spectacular memories to look back on of a ceremony that was truly and completely “us.” I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have had Naomi as our officiant- she gave us the most sincere and warm welcome into the start of our married life.
— Adrienne, Marin Art & Garden Center

Naomi was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! We could NOT have chosen someone better to officiate our wedding! Her words were so BEAUTIFUL & MOVING! We really felt like we had known Naomi for many years! She has such a calming energy, peaceful and spiritual presence. Beyond grateful to have found her!
— Erika, Seascape Resort

We can’t express our gratitude for marrying us enough! We were flooded with non stop comments about how beautiful the ceremony was. It was described as the most beautiful, loving ceremony people have been a part of. Everyone felt so included, the love was overflowing, and the support was palpable.
— Theresa and Sean, Shelldance Orchid Gardens

Naomi was a wonderful part of our wedding. It is difficult to put into words how much we appreciate her and how much she made our day special. Numerous family members and friends approached us following the ceremony and even until today (2 weeks after the wedding) to RAVE about how elegant, beautiful, and meaningful the ceremony was. This is due to the hard work of Naomi and her ability to get to know us as a couple and weave together a beautiful interfaith ceremony. I am forever grateful to have met Naomi and for the beautiful gift she gave us in crafting an amazing ceremony for our wedding day. I recommend her highly!
— Hannah, Rancho Soquel

Naomi created the most heartfelt and thoughtful ceremony we’ve ever seen. She really did a fantastic job incorporating everything we wanted interwoven throughout. My wife and I are blown away by her effort to get to know each of us individually and as a couple. She really digs deeps and challenged us to look into all aspects of marriage and our future. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be our officiant! She is truly one of a kind and I’m forever grateful for her guidance and support to both of us during this process.
— Jeff, Marin Art & Garden

Naomi is the best wedding officiant ever! We are so happy we found her. She met with us a few times before our wedding to get to know us better. Asking us our story and making sure she was the right gal for the job… She is very accepting of all walks of life, very compassionate about her calling and has a great understanding of the reasons why this is so important to her and keeping in mind what was important to us. She really did a great job encompassing all of our family dynamics into the ceremony. She made a special accommodation to meet with us the morning of our wedding to give us a special blessing before we went out for a hike. Then she gave a beautiful ceremony. Capturing the love we have for each other, our families, friends and our children. There was not a dry eye in the crowd. So beautiful and touching, we will cherish our special day and remember it always. Thank you Naomi, you truly have a gift and so blessed to have you in our lives and share our special day together.
— Aja and Jeff, Waterfall Lodge

Elisha and I want to THANK YOU for such a beautiful wedding ceremony. We both think that you did an exceptional job, and really created an environment of love and togetherness. The feedback we have received has been amazing. My uncle Paul has been to a lot of weddings in his day and he said that this was the BEST hands down. So again, thank you for what you did.
— Ryan and Elisha, Walton Lighthouse

Where do I even start? Naomi is incredible. From the moment my wife and I spoke with her on the phone, we knew she was the right person to help us cross the threshold of marriage. From the very beginning she was fully present and engaged with us. She was respectful, open about her values and role in this journey, and really took the time to get to know us individually and as a couple. We felt safe with her and knew that our ceremony would be honest, beautiful, and full of love. The ceremony she crafted truly reflected her passion, energy, and connectedness. Without giving away details from our sacred day, I will summarize it by saying: Without exaggeration, our ceremony was the most beautifully written thing I have ever encountered. We just received a written copy of it and are so excited to read through it together. It’s also worth mentioning that Naomi brought a beautiful, grounding, and calming energy to our day. Not only in her delivery of our ceremony but also in the love and support she brought for my wife and I on one of the most important days of our lives. We both feel honored to have worked with Naomi and are so happy to have a forever connection with Naomi. I could not recommend Naomi any more highly!
— Shane, Carmel Valley Ranch

Naomi was and is absolutely the best officiant my now husband and I could have asked for! She helped me (the nervous bride) feel grounded and helped create so much love and positive energy that radiated throughout our day. We were looking for someone who would create a beautiful, sacred, and loving space for our ceremony and Naomi did an excellent job at that. She created a space that was filled with presence, and one that respected and included every guest at the wedding. My husband and I are not religious, but are spiritual. It was important for us to find someone who would honor this and take into account what we did and did not want on the most important day of our lives. People still talk about how beautiful the ceremony was and what an excellent job Naomi did. I keep reliving the ceremony over in my head, it was so wonderful! I HIGHLY recommend Naomi to any couple looking for an officiant on their special day. She is truly a gift!
— Nicole, The Hollins House at Pasatiempo

Our experience with Naomi was wonderful. She gave us the most beautiful, centering ceremony that was all about us and our love, our families, friends and community. We were worried we wouldn’t be able to find an officiant who would accommodate our wish that there was no religious or spiritual overtones, but Naomi really understood our preferences and delivered. Our wedding was in the redwoods, and she incorporated beautiful metaphors that tied the setting and environment into the ceremony. She also helped us find a non-religious ritual that involved all of our guests and gave us options to create a ring statement that fit for us. She also helped calm my partner, who was very nervous, and I know he appreciated that immensely. There wasn’t a single person at the wedding who didn’t comment on how romantic and lovely the ceremony was — many of our guests said it renewed or awakened their own love for their significant others. My father-in-law keeps mentioning how much he admired Naomi, and how she gave us the best ceremony he’s ever seen. I highly recommend working with Naomi, and I recommend you bring her on as soon as possible to give time for her to get to know you and write you a beautiful custom ceremony. Thank you, Naomi!
— Corinne, Roaring Camp Railroads

We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for standing with us on our important day, preparing us so well for the ceremony, and writing and delivering such a beautiful, warm, and sincere ceremony for us and our family. Your words and delivery exceeded our expectations and we are forever grateful for the important role you played.
— Cory, Groom, Hyatt Carmel Highlands

Wow! What an amazing ceremony and weekend. We cannot thank you enough for bringing our ceremony vision to life exactly has we had imagined it. We are so happy we found you and that you were able to help us create a ceremony that we will remember for the rest of our lives. It was truly magical.
— Izzy & Susan, Green Oaks Creek Farm

Naomi was absolutely perfect. She took time to get to know us, tailored a custom ceremony that incorporated everything we stand for as individuals and as a couple. Her delivery was impeccable. We received wonderful feedback about her throughout the day. Her calm yet charismatic personality allowed the spirit of our wedding to touch every one of us in a special and memorable way.
— Shannon and Chris, Slow Coast

From the moment we sat down together, I felt such a strong connection to Naomi. She has such a presence about her... she is honest and true, strong but gentle, and has a way of asking questions that make you feel so comfortable telling her your life story… As the months went on, she checked in on Chris and I. She sent us words of affirmation and encouragement, let us know she was thinking about us, and encouraged us to spend time with each other, to love on each other, and to remember that this wedding was about US, not about how happy all of our guests were going to be. She helped formulate a custom ceremony for our beautiful wedding, and helped us write personal vows to each other, as well as vows to our daughter. Chris and I both come from nontraditional families, so it was very important to us to make sure our families were celebrated on our special day, since without them, we wouldn’t be here. Naomi was my beacon of peace on the wedding day. She showed up early, officiated a beautiful ceremony, and even stayed for a while after to congratulate us and love on us. There was not a single dry eye in the audience as Naomi told our love story. She was honest, she was loving, and she made sure to tell our REAL love story. There were times in our relationship where Chris and I stumbled. I appreciated that Naomi shared that with our loved ones, because no love story is perfect. There will always be difficult times and it meant so much that she showed how love always prevails. I will never ever forget Naomi and the amazing gift she gave us. Ceremonies are usually overlooked, but I know ours will be forever celebrated. Thank you Naomi for giving us such an amazing gift. I cannot wait for the day you get to bless a new addition to the Nishimoto famly! Thank you again!
— Tara, Big Sur River Inn

Thank you again for creating such a lovely and special ceremony for us and being our guide through the ceremony. My family have all commented on how lovely the ceremony was. You really helped make it a truly special day for us. We enjoyed working with you and again, thank you for your beautiful work and presence.
— Rebecca, Hakone Estate & Gardens

My husband and I had a vision for our wedding but were not sure how to execute it. Naomi did a great job incorporating our ideas and preferences with her own, creating a cohesive, well-rounded ceremony. I would not have changed a thing about it. The ceremony was sacred, sincere, funny and lighthearted, a perfect catalyst to commence our lives together as a married couple. Everyone who came to our wedding was touched many with tears at the beauty of our ceremony. I wish I could do it all over again but we have memories to last a lifetime.
— Honora, Sequoia Retreat Center

We chose Naomi to be the officiant for our small wedding. Naomi is amazing. She has an incredibly calming presence, which was so helpful in keeping us both grounded and present during our ceremony. It’s so easy to get swept up and anxious in all the hustle of planning a wedding, but Naomi was there to remind us that we were getting MARRIED. We chose Naomi because of her exceptional talent as a writer. I’m professionally a writer, so it was important to me that our officiant be a good communicator - and Naomi is, without a doubt, one of the best writers I’ve ever met. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Diane, San Jose Municipal Rose Garden

Naomi was incredible. She worked with us in great detail to ensure that she was a good fit for us (and vice versa). We had a lot of anxiety in the process of picking someone, including a few negative experiences. Once we found Naomi, all of that disappeared. She was incredibly professional and easy to work with. She pushed us to better understand our own personal commitments which resulted in a ceremony that many of our guests agreed was the best they’d ever witnessed. She was an instrumental part in what was a perfect day for us. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a meaningful and personal ceremony.
— Scot, The Hollins House at Pasatiempo

In planning our wedding, we had a great many choices laid before us, but choosing our officiant was certainly among the most important decisions to make. We needed the best fit and for a short time stressed over finding the right person. Luckily, we found Naomi online – and fortunately, we had the enormous privilege and pleasure of having Naomi as our wedding officiant! Naomi was very easy and flexible to contact and schedule our first consultation visit. There she learned about us as individuals, and as a couple, and what vision we had for our wedding ceremony. She is always professional, considerate, and innovative in exploring with us and helping us navigate the many options of how we would want our ceremony to go. She was always in contact via email/phone and made the process very warm, personalized and fun! When the BIG DAY came, Naomi’s guidance of the ceremony brought all of us to tears of joy, and reflected our personal and family values, and personalities. This great ceremony was not surprising at all, as this was ultimately a reflection of the talent, passion, and energy Naomi brings to her work! She has our highest recommendation!
— Tyson, Cinnabar Hills Golf Club

Working with Naomi and having her officiate our wedding was truly a blessing. My husband and I had originally planned for our friend to officiate our wedding so we were very hands-on with writing our ceremony. About a month and a half before our wedding date we decided against having our friend perform our ceremony and came across Naomi through various wedding websites. It’s as if the stars aligned because she was available to perform our ceremony within that short notice. We meet first with her over the phone and later scheduled a face-to-face with her and our connection with her was instant. Naomi is an incredibly warm, intuitive and creative soul. She took the essence of the ceremony we drafted and created something I could have never imagined. Our ceremony was beautiful, original and personalized. I couldn’t have ever imagined having such a wonderful ceremony and it was because of working with Naomi that we had such a special day. I HIGHLY recommend her!
— Silvina, Carmel Valley Ranch

Rest easy because you are in good hands. We were super comfortable and aligned as Naomi not only incorporated elements we were keen on, but also gave some insightful suggestions & ideas on the whole ceremony. She had a brilliant theme for making the big day not only about us, but more importantly to us, our families & close friends. We were quite impressed by the questions & amount of due diligence she went into, to really get a feel for who we are, where we are going, our families, etc. She was also patient beyond measure with us (thanks again Naomi), yet not in a pushover way. A good officiant needs to be flexible yet firm. Cannot recommend her enough.
— Kay, Private Estate, Carmel By The Sea

Naomi was wonderful. From the first day I called with questions to the last day when she was signing our license, not once did I feel disappointed. This is my very first time writing any type of review, but Naomi is worth it. She was so attentive and helpful to me as this is my first wedding and I had no clue what I was doing. With her knowledge and experience, I hardly had to do anything. She just guided me through it. The day of the wedding, I showed up late, frantic and NERVOUS. Naomi greeted me with such warmth and peace that I felt a calm come over me. She is truly an amazing spirit. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. My family even commented later to me how impressed they were with Naomi and the beautiful service she created. We are so grateful to her and blessed to have her officiate our special day.
— Carrie, Babbling Brook Inn

Naomi was so special! She created such a lovely and highly personalized ceremony for my husband and I - it was really really beautiful. We got such amazing feedback from everyone there and I was touched deeply by how she’d written up and performed the ceremony – it was something that was so well aligned to our values, dreams and beliefs.
— Dominique, Private Estate, Carmel By The Sea

For our fortieth wedding anniversary we were looking for someone to officiate a vow renewal ceremony, when we found Naomi we knew that she was the right person. Naomi is sensitive, professional, and she brought to our ceremony an aliveness that we were looking for. Naomi’s sense of time and place honored our forty year story making our ceremony personal and very memorable. We had a traditional church wedding forty years ago, but in reality we both wanted something more personal and spiritual and Naomi facilitated the blossoming of that dream and made it become a reality for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
— Kevin, Felton Guild