Santa Cruz Officiant
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One of a kind wedding ceremonies that deepen your bond, anchor your commitment, and exalt your love story!

You want your ceremony to be the heart of your wedding, and you want your love to be at the forefront of the festivities. You want the uniqueness of your relationship to be felt and known. You want to feel present, connected to what you're doing, closer and more deeply bonded to each other, bolstered and blessed by your community. You want to feel inspired, touched, uplifted and renewed, and maybe even laugh a bit too while you're at it. You want to experience the true bigness of the moment, and feel it ripple forward in a stream of good will and positive intentions for your future. You want a personally meaningful, cohesive and dynamic ceremony that will set the tone for the rest of your wedding, and ultimately, for your marriage. You want a ceremony that you and your community will remember forever. 

Wedding ceremonies should enliven and inspire you!

Increasingly, couples are skipping the ceremony and going straight to the party. They’ve lost interest after attending one too many wedding ceremonies that were long, un-relatable, and boring as hell. The truth is, wedding ceremonies need a facelift. Because when you leave a ceremony you should feel the way you do when you watch a movie that’s so engaging you never want it to end. Despite what we’ve come to expect, ceremonies can be enlivening, inspiring, interactive, connective and renewing. So let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater!

“Our ceremony was purely and honestly of another universe. I'm still in awe of how beautiful that experience was. Naomi really helped us cross the threshold of marriage, and we are forever grateful for everything she's done for us.” -Shane, Carmel Valley Ranch

Celebrate your love with a you-nique wedding ceremony!

It brings me so much joy to meet with you, hear about what brings you alive, dive into your love story, understand your vision and values, and create a you-nique (as in uniquely you) wedding ceremony. There’s no one-size fits all marriage, so there needn’t be a one-size-fits-all ceremony, and honestly, I’m not a one-size-fits-all wedding officiant! So let’s roll up our sleeves, put our imaginations together, and create something beautiful.

Wedding ceremonies can be all that and more!

Wedding ceremonies can be fun. I once told a couple’s love story in the form of a romcom because of the bride’s obsession with comedies, and her grooms loving acquiesce to only ever watch comedies with her. Wedding ceremonies can be reparative. I once instructed a bride to break an object as a symbol of breaking a family pattern that was harmful to her. Wedding ceremonies can be poignant. I once directed a bride take a flower out of her wedding bouquet, walk over the altar where her deceased brother’s picture was displayed, and place the flower beside his photo. Wedding ceremonies can be diverse. I once greeted a couple’s community in six different languages, and incorporated various rituals that united their geographically dispersed, culturally rich Indian, Mexican, German, Jewish, Catholic, Swiss, and Celtic family and friends. Basically, if we can conceive it, we can create it!

“The memory of our ceremony is striking to me in just how perfectly it laid a foundation for the wedding, and ultimately the start of our marriage. You captured the feeling I had hoped for in those moments, and we left the ceremony feeling grounded, powerful, and exalted as a couple.” -Laura, Sand Rock Farm